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YouTube App for Mac: Download YouTube for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac

After downloading the YouTube app on your Macbook, simply drag the downlaoded YouTube downloader app to the "Applications" folder on your Mac. And then double click the program icon to run the YouTube app on Mac. Find your favorite videos from YouTube and you will have 2 options to download YouTube videos:. Directly click on the button and select your desired output resolution like P or P. The video will be immediately captured by the Mac YouTube App. If you are using Chrome browser and haven't found the Download button, don't worry, click here to get more info about how to add download extension to Chrome in steps.

The program will begin to grab the video. Or simpply click on the direct video URL and drag it to the program interface, this smart application will load the video and start to download it. You can insert up to URL links together into the downloading blank, separate each one by Enter button, this YouTube downloader for Mac will download them all and you can just leave the YouTube videos to it. If you would like to save batch videos and do not want to wait in front of your Mac, you can click the "Clock" icon at the bottom left corner of the program and select "Shutdown" or "Sleep" option.

Then you can leave your Mac on to grab video. If you want to watch downloaded YouTube videos on specified players or devices but encounter incompatible, this YouTube downloader app for Mac will helps you to convert the video to your wanted format. You can go to "Downloaded" tab and click "Add to Convert List" icon on the right to add the video to "Convert" menu. After you go to "Convert" menu, you can see a "Convert" icon on the right of your selected video.

Click the "Convert" icon and choose your desired output format from the pop-up conversion window to start converting.

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Here we also prepare a free solution to download YouTube Video on Macbook. It supports downloading YouTube videos in batch and has the ability to shut down your Mac or let it enter sleep mode when the download is finished.

Squared 5 - MPEG Streamclip video converter for Mac OS X

Then luanch it and get ready to download the YouTube video. Back to the Free YouTube Downloader and click "Paste URL" button, you will see this free YouTube app will automatically analyze the url and give you the window to select ideal output video quality,. A few seconds later, when the video is fully downloaded, you can find it on "Downloaded" Tab.

MacBook Air is a laptop product manufactured by the Apple Company, it has a heavy duty battery that lasts up to an incredible twelve hours between charges. From your morning coffee till your evening commute back home, you can work even when unplugged. When it's time to relax, you can get up to twelve hours of iTunes movie playback. And with up to thirty days of standby time, you can go away for weeks.

Free Video Converter with Millions of Happy Users!

When you are watching YouTube online using your MacBook Air, Pro or iMac, you should know the basic features contained in your MacBook, for example placing dragging the icons, downloading videos and other important files you may wish to have. When you are subscribed in Youtube using your MacBook, you can secure your accounts by signing with secure passwords, also use the MacBook antivirus so that you protect your MacBook from viruses such as Trojan horses and others.

Since all MacBook have long lasting batteries, you can charge them fully and comfortably use them when unplugged for twelve hours, the MacBook are also equipped with Core latest Pentium technologies of i5 and i7 processors that enable you to live streaming from the youtube. I am happy to tell that even the free version beats some paid video converters and editors I have seen and regrettably, paid for! Find More Reviews. Support Downloading YouTube Music Directly This new function enables you to enjoy the YouTube music by downloading them for playback anywhere, and you can convert them to any audio format you want according to your devices as well.

Make Video Editing Easy! It's an easy job to personalize videos and make them special! Just edit your video as you like! Tell your screen recording app to start recording, then switch to the browser window where you have the YouTube video ready and press Play. Now walk away and let the recording happen in real time.

Then you can edit the recording, perhaps trimming out the moments before and after where you were switching apps. Finally, you may need to export the recording in a different format for use in a Keynote presentation, for example. This is definitely a technique for last resort.

Recording the screen in this way can work your Mac quite hard. But for those times when you just have to have the cat video or your presentation is worthless then this technique could just make your day. If you use other web browsers, the process is the same, but you may have to look around in the menus to find the right items. Update February originally my Tip said to wait till the file size in the Activity window stopped increasing. Actually you can do the Option double-click any time to start the download. By the way, the video I loaded for my screenshots was by Queen Rania of Jordan.

She is an extremely intelligent and beautiful world leader who is using YouTube, Twitter and other channels to bring about change in the world. I became quite caught up with the last few shows on American Idol I heard Adam Lambert sing Ring of Fire and was hooked. I found him a very versatile and exceptional performer. In fact, I enjoyed his performances so much I followed the link to buy his songs on iTunes.

So, I did the next best thing: I downloaded his performances from the American Idol website so I can listen again when I want to.

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And if they ever do allow me to pay for them, I will. Have to spend time to find a decent one that keeps their scripts up to date!!

Dear friend this download of yotube thing does not work, because there is not jsut one biggest flie, but about 10 which are all the same.. It seems YouTube may have changed how they do things, breaking up the files to stop people from downloading the videos. Well I always loved Mac and for a reason Great tip, saving youtube videos the mac way! Thanks for the easy to follow tutorial on that. I was able to download a youtube video that I recently narrated for the Energize Indiana TV campaign. Now I can add it to my voice-over demo reel.


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Excellent tips and easy to follow thank you! I have te same problem. The only person who understands the map is the person who drew it.