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Tips to Consider When Editing Hosts Files

You can now test your new mapping with ping mypbx. It can manage multiple host files, and let you switch between them.

Its then an easy matter to switch between work and play host tables. A simpler alternative is the Hosts preference pane.

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This lets you easily add, edit, and remove host entries. If an item is checked, it's stored in the hosts file, if it's unchecked, it's removed rather than commented out, but continues to be stored in the preference panel for future use. When you visit a customer site, you can activate the relavent host settings with a simple check box.

In their own words, "This is an easy and effective way to protect you from many types of spyware, reduces bandwidth use, blocks certain pop-up traps, prevents user tracking by way of 'web bugs' embedded in spam, provides partial protection to IE from certain web-based exploits and blocks most advertising you would otherwise be subjected to on the Internet.

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If this is your thing, check back with the site regularly for the latest updated download. You may have to authenticate click the padlock with your Admin password to enter the Advanced features. Hold control v until you reach the end of the file and place this text at the end, replacing ariadoss.

You can add more hosts on new lines by using the same format:. Now you will close and save the file: hit control x to exit, then type y , and hit return to save your changes. Now, type the following into Terminal to edit the virtual hosts:. Remove or comment out the virtual host entries and place your virtual hosts at the end of the file like so:.

Remember to replace all instances of username with your actual username. Close and save the file like I explained earlier.

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If you find later you need to add more virtual hosts go to Terminal and type:. Go to the end of the file and simply paste new entries at the end of the configuration file like so:.

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Again, remember to replace all instances of username and ariadoss, hogwartslive , and authorwars with your different application names. To edit this file use the command below:.

Step 1 – Opening Hosts File

Put new entries on a new line like so:. Now, we will need to enable virtual hosts in Apache. Type the following into Terminal:. Hit control w and search for:.

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Finally, restart Apache using the command below enter it into Terminal :.